Donate and protect the Yeheb plant.

Transform the lives of Somalis and plant a nutritious, green world.


We promise that the donation you make to the Yeheb project today will be used to help bring Yeheb to drylands.




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Why make a monthly donation?

As a non-profit project, we work with families and communities in Somaliland to tackle the root causes of why Yeheb is dissapearing. Our work is to deliver short-term aid that creates lasting change for Somali's as well as planting Yeheb and preventing overgrazing.

When you set up a regular donation to the Yeheb project you become part of that long-term work to keep the world’s most vulnerable plant safe. You could help us equip Somalis with seeds, tools and fences to make sure that the nutritious and medicinal use of Yeheb is protected from animals and the environment. This means that Somali's can be safe from the loss of this valuable plant.



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