We are committed to reintroducing the Yeheb plant to Somaliland for the benefit of all


Our vision is to see the Yeheb plant restored and domesticated in its original habitat in the Haud (or Hawd) Plateau of Somaliland.

The project will work to increase food security, restore biodiversity and promote social enterprise in the Somaliland region.

Science surrounding the project: Plant Features, Medicinal Use, Nutritional Value

Donate and protect the Yeheb plant. Transform the lives of Somalis and plant a nutritious, green world.




BBC interviews Dr Muna Ismail

  Dr Muna Ismail's BBC Somali World Service interview on the 7th July discussing the benefits of the yeheb plant for drought-prone areas in Somalia and Horn of Africa. http://www.bbc.com/somali/...


Planting Yeheb

In December I spent three weeks in Somaliland, testing the possibility of restoring and domesticating Yeheb, a food and fodder crop which grows well in very dry conditions. It is one of those plants t...


Photo of staff and students at Burao University (c) Yeheb.org

The next step: Yeheb is back!

In December 2015, project leader Muna Ismail made a second journey to Somaliland. This time the aim was to plant Yeheb seeds and seedlings at sites that had been identified during the scoping mission ...


Dr Muna Ismail

Muna’s story

In 2011 there was a massive drought in the Horn of Africa. It was the worst drought in 60 years and Millions of people were affected across the region. There was a serious food crisis in Somalia, Djib...


Marking out a plot for Yeheb trials

Scoping mission

In May and June 2014, three members of the project team completed a scoping mission which marked the beginning of the Yeheb project. They travelled across Somaliland from the capital, Hargeisa, inland...